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Shri Narmada Group has achieved a high ranking among the top construction companies in Lucknow. Today, Shri Narmada Group is one of the most reputed and renowned Business entities in Request with more than 100 satisfied clients. At Shri Narmada Group we believe that there is no better evidence of commitment to service than that of a project that demonstrates the integrity of its builder. What we do for a living isn't especially unique. What we believe is unique. Shri Narmada Group ' has fleetly acquired a brand image as thebest construction company in Lucknow".

Shri Narmada Group is a leader in construction services and has earned recognition for undertaking large, complex projects, adopting emerging technologies, and making a difference for its customers, employees, and community. Our expertise in fulfilling the dreams of architects by converting their designs into structures. Its commitment to quality and excellence as well as its constant attention to innovation and detail has contributed significantly to the progress that the company has achieved over the years. Shri Narmada Group is proven in providing quality at the best price. We are a responsible contractor keeping nature and ecology in mind during construction. With our vibrant portfolio of projects, Shri Narmada Group is uniquely positioned to create state-of-the-art projects in areas that are of critical importance in the process of development.

The Group envisions to enrich lives and raise the standard of living of society at large.

The Group’s mission is to provide world class products & services in each of its areas of operations through the tenets of Knowledge & Expertise. At the Shri Narmada Group, we have a strong and dedicated team of over 1000 personnel who are our partners in success. It is because of their dedication that we have developed a large base of satisfied customers, who are indeed priceless.


We believe in building homes based on an understanding of the needs and preferences of the clients. Our well-thought vision drives us to reach out to customers' prospects and ensure their happiness at all times. Known for our authenticity, hard work, and excellent quality work at scale. Our Vision is" Make your dream home come true".

To show our clients the highest state of quality construction services at reasonable and highly competitive prices as per the current market scenario. To empower the people associated with the Shri Narmada group and help in the holistic development of their life.


Our mission is to deliver on pledges with a strong adherence to ethical business practices. We pledge to exceed our ability to establish a lasting relationship with our clients and gain their trust through exceptional service by each member of our team. We provide value-added construction services to our clients by forming a successful collaboration with them during the construction process.

To be a leading provider of construction services by continuously improving the quality of our products, adding value to the customer through invention, foresight, integrity, and aggressive performance, and serving with character and purpose that honors God.

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